Did you Pass?

Did you pass all your classes?
Well …. I dropped one, & then realized that I was acy passing.
That’s a new one.
Back in my day at Northern Michigan University Ii would withdraw from a class, while I was failing. It was Federal Income Taxation. It is no 1040A, I then took it at University of Nebraska at Omaha I got an A.
Vernon J

Life experiences

There is 1 thing that I said I could never do. Have a baby, cause I’m a guy.

But tonight as I closed down the bar as a patron, I’m 36.

I’m driving ‘home’ & a female says she doesn’t have shoes & needs a ride to Sienna Francis house.  Okay,  I understand.

Apparently that is code for ‘in a prostitute’, she got out shortly after she realized, I was taking her to SFH.

I  also gave Mr. Bunny (aka Tyler) to a lady who was crying at the bar.

Enjoy your new home. 

9 Days

Vernon J 3.6.357 is here, Vernon J 3.7 is coming.

On this day in 1983, Vernon J was 4 years old.

He was some weight, he was some height, he was so darn amazing for a four year old, or at least I heard.

The 5th Annual Celebration of Vernon J

President: Ronald W. Reagan
Vice President: George Bush
Governor: J. James Exon

Population: 233,791,994
Life expectancy: 74.6 years

High: 1,287
Low: 1,027

Federal spending: $808.38 billion
Federal debt: $1371.7 billion
Inflation: 7.6%
Consumer Price Index: 99.6
Unemployment: 9.7%

Cost of a new home: $89,800.00
Cost of a new car: $
Median Household Income: $20,885.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.20
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.24
Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.86
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.24