10th Annual Cannoli Eating Competition Press Release

Cause I’m awesome & it is my #Birthday Week!!!


At the 85th Annual Santa Lucia Italian Festival. The organizer’s envisioned a GRAND competition around delicious Italian desserts. The Cannoli Eating Competition was born.

Through promotion on the now historic Omaha Morning Blend on KMTV 3 News Now. Viewers saw a wonderful competition between hosts Mary Nelson & Mike DiGiacomo 2018/2019 Chairman of the Board of the Santa Lucia Italian Festival.

Vernon J saw an opportunity to participate on a Friday Night in an eating competition.

8 words

Rishik Gandhasri, 13
Auslaut: The final sound in a word or syllable

Erin Howard, 14
Erysipelas: An acute febrile disease associated with intense edematous local inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues caused by a hemolytic streptococcus

Saketh Sundar, 13
Bougainvillea: Any of a genus of the four-o’clock family of ornamental tropical American woody vines and shrubs with brilliant purple or red floral bracts

Shruthika Padhy, 13
Aiguillette: A shoulder cord worn by designated military aides

Sohum Sukhatankar, 13
Pendeloque: A usually pear-shaped glass pendant used for ornamenting a lamp or chandelier

Abhijay Kodali, 12
Palama: The webbing on the feet of aquatic birds

Christopher Serrao, 13
Cernuous: Inclining, nodding or drooping — used of a plant

Rohan Raja, 13
Odylic: Of or relating to a force or natural power thought by some to reside in certain individuals and things and tho underlie hypnotism, magnetism, and some other phenomena.