Linehan ready to negotiate after initial tax reform debate | Nebraska Legislature |

“It really is decision time,” Sen. Tom Briese of Albion said. “Either you stand for property tax relief or you stand in the way.”

L.B. 289 isn’t property tax relief.

No guarantee of relief by the entities that ACTUALLY levy the property tax.

Lincoln just approved two tax increases this election cycle. Property and sales.

Here’s the issue

Labor shortages, immigrant worker cap and weed are cutting into business, landscapers say

Problems caused by the inability to bring in additional legal immigrant workers are exacerbated by American applicants who can’t be hired because they fail drug tests, don’t have driver’s licenses, or stop showing up shortly after being hired, local landscapers say.

  • stop doing drugs
  • get your driver’s licenses, or work permit
  • come back to work

Their work can be hard and physical, the landscapers admit. Employees are outdoors under all weather conditions. Pay starts at about $13 an hour — well above minimum wage — which works out to $520 for a 40-hour work week.

Listen to the voters

I’m not one for additional taxes, but I am for respecting the outcome of a vote.

The residents of Duluth, Minnesota gave permission to increase a sales tax for road repairs. The state rejected that notion.

Shame on the state.


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