NCAA baseball

They should’ve put CU & UNO in different regions they wouldn’t eliminate each other.

I’m all about the Crimson & Black. #EveryoneForOmaha

3-for-3: Creighton, Nebraska, UNO baseball earn bids in NCAA tournament field | Sports |–creighton-nebraska-uno-baseball-earn-bids-in-ncaa/article_73699b4c-5dbd-5bd7-9639-2a0be46b1c49.html

Nebraska cell towers contain equipment from Chinese company accused of spying

So 1 member of the PSC is questioned about this issue, and a cell phone company representative (who denied anything nefarious).

No experts in trade, international relations, national security, or additional regulatory expert, telecommunications expert.

Pete Buttigieg applauded at town hall …

He backed raising the top income tax rate and creating a “reasonable wealth tax” on assets “or something like that to make sure that people are giving back when they become enormously wealthy

I appreciate the fact that he says he doesn’t care about President Trump’s tweet.

Cause I don’t either & the President doesn’t care that you care, I’m guessing.

But what is reasonable, nothing more than 25 to 33%.

Taxes aren’t giving back, they are unfortunately a side effect of making money.