We need to talk

Let’s discuss YOUR future.

NCAA & other non-NASCAR sports postponed. Ugh; win some, lose some.

Well it’s May 21st. We are getting close to the Annual Celebration of Vernon J, NASCAR race in Kansas City, & we are in my summer vacation mode.

I’ve had it up to here, and ‘to here’ is pretty high up.

Happy Birthday to Andy, Elaine, & William.

Nope … Still issues

I’m just over here breaking automatic account registration/creation protocols.

Everyone knows ValidEmail@Vernon-J.com is a valid e-mail.

Heck even my ex-girlfriend has an e-mail address ex-girlfriend@Vernon-J.com

One of the two e-mails in this post is ACTUALLY valid, I just couldn’t not create an account.

Thanks Metisha for fixing it, that’s good Customer Service.

So what?

So someone is making unemployment + $600.00 bonus.

Yes they may be making more than you. Someone is also making less than you.

This is when character counts, is this person unemployed by choice? Did their employer decided that was best for their business?

If someone is a hard worker, they probably won’t settle for a handout. They are going to wakeup every day and work to the best of their ability.

Isn’t that what you are doing?