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5 Times

Not a good sweeping & mopping experience.

I  had to contact a police department 5 friggen times, so I could sweep & mop.

The Life of Times of a boom, dustpan, & mop.

Call Them (Hey the isn’t opening with my card), some blaighty about how the permissions isn’t correct.) That’s why I’m calling.

They call me back & reiterate the same thing, can you send a police officer over to let me in. Some blaighty blaighty about no they can’t.

Walk over to the police department to explain, I understand it is broken. BUT I need to do some stuff. Some blaighty blaighty

Call a University Employee, he calls the police department – Some blaighty blaighty

Said University Employee calls back & says they are sending an officer over.

You could’ve done that 1/2 hour ago.

The Korean Pennisular

“The reckless military provocation is pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula closer to the brink of nuclear war.”

I wonder who could be responsible for bringing this peninsular closer to war.

North Korea Missile Test Google Results 21,300,000  South Korea Missile Test Google Results 1,810,000 

It isn’t the Republic of Korea.