Baby Sitters

Dear NONParents,

Have you been questioning why Parents hire babysitters for their 12 to 16 y.o.

Because even though they are 12 to 16 y.o. They need an authority figure to keep them on track.

Even if they have 1 thing to do that they have been doing for months.

Did you Pass?

Did you pass all your classes?
Well …. I dropped one, & then realized that I was acy passing.
That’s a new one.
Back in my day at Northern Michigan University Ii would withdraw from a class, while I was failing. It was Federal Income Taxation. It is no 1040A, I then took it at University of Nebraska at Omaha I got an A.
Vernon J

Life experiences

There is 1 thing that I said I could never do. Have a baby, cause I’m a guy.

But tonight as I closed down the bar as a patron, I’m 36.

I’m driving ‘home’ & a female says she doesn’t have shoes & needs a ride to Sienna Francis house.  Okay,  I understand.

Apparently that is code for ‘in a prostitute’, she got out shortly after she realized, I was taking her to SFH.

I  also gave Mr. Bunny (aka Tyler) to a lady who was crying at the bar.

Enjoy your new home.