Happy June

You remember when I used to get up at 408 Monday – Friday? Me either, that was a terrible time in my life (runs away). The 1st & 2nd quarter of 2015 has been great.

Today is Monday June 1st

On March 20th I went back to working for a small business in America.

It is my BIRTHDAY month. If you’re reading this you should already know this.

You can visit the official celebratory event list on Facebook – Come One, Come All.

I had a great weekend & Sunday.

Got to go (& win) trivia night on Wednesday. Thanks Allison got the invite. I also got to help with two of the twenty-one questions. Thanks for knowing my birthday & zodiac sign. Also guessing & being confident that Dr. Dre was the youngest. I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to do it this week again.

1900 on Wednesday at Nebraska Brewing Company.

Sunday I had a couple interviews & it was raceday. Congrats to Kyle Larson on his best finish of the year.

Tomorrow is my annual visit to The Morning Blend, which means I need to get a haircut today. Gotta get TV pretty.

On Thursday the pre – 37th Annual Celebration of Vernon J starts.

JSUK when a potential employer (or anyone; unless it is a girlfriend, potential wife et al*) calls you & leaves a voicemail. You should listen to it, & a text message is not an appropriate response.

Friday the Freaking Ultra Notations begin.

I’m up. Watching KMTV Action 3 News this morning.

*the only reason you shouldn’t listen to their voicemail is that you are so excited to hear their voice & you want to talk to them for hours on the phone.

That’s free relationship advice.