Pants, Pants, Pants, Pants.

I have to wear Pants today, Pants tomorrow, Pants Saturday.

Good Morning & Happy Days.

When will I get to wear No Pants? Saturday the 14th maybe?

Today is Thursday 06/05/V3.4 & it is Nicole’s Birthday. We are also just I, 2, 3, 4 days away from my Birthday.

A good morning so far.

So I wasn’t on The Morning Blend today. But I’ll be on there tomorrow. Show starts at 0900, I’d tune in at 0859 if I was in your shoes or pants. I don’t know what time I’ll be on.

The word of the day isĀ onomasticon which is a list or collection of proper names.

I finished another book today. I read How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel by Cressida Cowell.

What are you currently reading?

Have a good afternoon.