As it comes to …

As this celebration comes to closing time.

Good Morning & Rainbows with Butterflies.

We have had high’s, we have had sides. But it has been a good time.

Today is Tuesday 06/10/V3.4 & it is Amy’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Amy.

Tomorrow we return to The Official Blog of Vernon J.

So I listen/read stories on NPR now. There’s a app for that.

So today this story was on NPR: White House Hosts Discussion On Role Of Working Fathers Who would make fun of a dad taking a day off. I would call the a list of the highest magnitude. Daniel was right. He will be a father & husband long after his current job is up.

The word of the day is prevaricator which is a
person who speaks falsely; liar.

The Omaha Young Republican’s are having their picnic today at Elmwood Park. The time is 1830 to 2030. Come out & have some fun. Bring the family.

Have a good day.