As it comes to …

As this celebration comes to closing time.

Good Morning & Rainbows with Butterflies.

We have had high’s, we have had sides. But it has been a good time.

Today is Tuesday 06/10/V3.4 & it is Amy’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Amy.

Tomorrow we return to The Official Blog of Vernon J.

So I listen/read stories on NPR now. There’s a app for that.

So today this story was on NPR: White House Hosts Discussion On Role Of Working Fathers Who would make fun of a dad taking a day off. I would call the a list of the highest magnitude. Daniel was right. He will be a father & husband long after his current job is up.

The word of the day is prevaricator which is a
person who speaks falsely; liar.

The Omaha Young Republican’s are having their picnic today at Elmwood Park. The time is 1830 to 2030. Come out & have some fun. Bring the family.

Have a good day.

The Last 8

The last 8 before the date.

Good Afternoon & Happy Ice cream Time.

We are certainly almost here, even though facebook doesn’t want you to know. Capture Today is Sunday 06/08/V3.4 & it is a great day.

I stayed at church for bible study. The summer series will be discussing & relating current events to the bible. You should join us, every Sunday at 0930.

Came home & watch the race looking forward to Burger & cries.

As you can see there was a typo, but I won’t let that stand in my way. I got a favorite out of it. Clearly that should be Turkey burgers with fries.

The word of the day is prate which is to talk excessively and pointlessly.

It wasn’t a pool day, too cold.

Quotes from the World for June 8th


In our definitions, we grope after the spiritual by describing it as invisible. The true meaning of spiritual is real; that law which executes itself, which works without means, and which cannot be conceived as not existing.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher. “Worship,” The Conduct of Life (1860).

Nap Day

Oh what a nap day we had.

Good Evening and Happy Night.

Took a nap this morning & took a nap after the parade & convention.

Today was Saturday 06/07/V3.4 & we are two days away from my Birthday.

The word of the day is crapulous which is given to or characterized by excess in drinking or eating.

How was your day?