Two apron

We’re a two apron household.


Good Morning & Happy Friday.

That’s how we roll at 11101.

Today is Friday 05/30/V3.4 & it is Dawn’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Dawn. tomorrow is Dawn’s Birthday
So far this day is going great. I had bacon this morning. I’m also having bacon on my sammich for lunch.

I have to work until about 1345 today. It would be 1315. But Frank days we have to take lunch. So that give me about two hours off before I go Dunkin’ Donuts.

What to do this weekend?

Have plans with ‘the Mormans’ tomorrow. Me & my roommate Tina was talking about that. NOT Beth. Beth is a server at Crescent Moon & we have the same Birthday Sarah.

Other than that I don’t have any firm plans, if you want to do something. Let me know.

The word of the day is penultimate which is the next to last. Like today for May.

Have a fantastic weekend.