Like a Lion

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

I got up at 0551. I forgot to reset my alarm.

Today is Monday 05/12/V3.4 & that is only divisible as a fraction.

Even though I got I up later than I planned (0413 for those keeping track), I still got on the next bus.

I plan to treat my day like this.


Get up late. NO PROBLEM

I still showered, made breakfast & lunch. Still prowling like a boss.

It is raining this morning. But me & olé blue got this.

The word of the day is frippery which is finery in dress especially when showy or gaudy.

It is election eve. The campaigns & candidates are working hard for your vote. Polls are open in Nebraska from 0800 to 2000. You can vote before work like me, or you can vote after work. Oh you don’t work, we’ll you can vote between 1100 & 1300. That is if you really needed me to assign you a time.

I don’t have any plans outside of work & home today. I haven’t reconnected with project J, so …

What are you doing today?