Keep On

Today is the day.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

We vote, We laugh, We sing & that’s all before lunch.

Today is Tuesday 05/13/V3.4 & I heard Kalamazoo in a song.

I think it was MC Lyte – Cold Rock A Party. So rock it.

I worked 9.417 hours yesterday & no I want going to be there longer. I am taking some time off during the day today & Thursday. So I’ve gotta get my hours. Thursday I’ll probably start at 0600. I don’t know what time I’ll have to leave work, waiting on my scooter.

The word of the day isĀ ad hominem which is appealing to one’s emotions rather than to reason.

I texted J of Project J. We agreed in principle to go bowling. Wednesday or Friday. I’m thinking Friday is better. If we’re facebook friends that was that general question. Don’t worry we aren’t facebook friends, don’t add me & I won’t add you.

If you do want to add me you can ask me for permission. I asked Nicole & Sam before I just added them. It us the responsible thong to do.

Here’s an American flag.