Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

The rain is immense this morning.

Today is Thursday 05/22/V3.4 & it is a Limp Bizkit day. They did it for the nookie.

Did you see what happened with Omaha Gives. Over $6,000,000 in 24 hours. Great job & congrats to Food Bank for the Heartland, The Salvation Army, & the March of Dimes. Those are my favorite charities. I’ve worked at two of those locations.

The word of the day is leviathan which is anything of immense size and power.

I’ve got tickets to Friday’s Omaha Storm Chasers game, game time is 1900. A totally of 4 tickets, right now I need 3 more people to go with me. YES you’ll have to sit next/close to me. No you don’t have to talk to me. IF you want them, they are FREE. I won them from FNBO. Just send me a text 402-516-4401 & we’ll work out the details. Thanks. It should be fun, I heard Hy-Vee is doing fireworks.

one or may be spoken fir at the present time, add life has it. I’m waiting on a womyn. She is probably sleeping.

What do you got going on this weekend?

So far Team Vernon J is doing the following.

Thursday – Picking up the tickets.
Friday – Working, go to work, work, go to the Omaha Storm Chasers.
Saturday – probably have to work at least an hour or so. Today will determine that.

Have a good day.