Day II

Day II of the month begins.

Good Morning & Happy Milk.

No promises, No regrets.

Today is (not Monday) Friday 05/02/V3.4 & I forgot my headphones at home or left them in unnamed car.

I know her name just not putting it in my blog.

So Project .J. was elevated to first date last night. It was an amazing date & I’d do it again. She did text me lady night, of course I was sleeping cause it was sleepy time. I’m going to take that as she wants to see me again. As do I.

The word of the day is sally which is an excursion or trip usually off the main course.

Aaah. I feel like this 

So Team Vernon J is going downtown tonight. That’s of course after I get home & take a nap. I might even get back in time to watch some NASCAR practice. Also this time next week I’ll be getting ready to head to Kansas City.

Just pushed out an advertisement again on Twitter & Facebook.

Have a good day.

Check out this sunrise.