Change the Oil

I hit 300KM on my scooter today,

Good Afternoon & Happy Sunday.

I had to change the oil. The first time I’ve EVER done that.

Today is Sunday 05/25/V3.4 & it is Sarah’s Birthday.

Went to church this morning. The sermon was about idols, Vicar Sean talked about how his (& possibly our) idol could be busyness? Is that your idol?

The word of the day is belesprit which is a person of great wit or intellect.

So we went to Mead. They didn’t need us, a failure.

Do them I went to Omaha’s Memorial Park. I heard about Miguel Keith & Trisha Jameson. The General spoke about these two individuals who gave all.


Today is also Jacklyn’s BIRTHDAY. Always like the fellow Gemini’s.

Okay some I don’t like.

Hope you have a great day.