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Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

Oh My Vernon J it is a good morning.

Today is Wednesday the 14th of May. It’s HuMpDaY.

Yesterday was the first greatest day of the week. Monday was great but Tuesday was Greatest.

At this point I may be putting Thursday, Friday, & Saturday to shame. But no promises.

I have a meeting in North Omaha today after work. Starts at 1900, 30% chance of rain during those hours. I might not be able to bike it.

The word of the day isĀ grabble which is to feel or search with the hands.

As I was celebrating being full of Awesome Sauce, s/o to Randa. I got one of these


Required kitchen dancing

Yup it’ll be a prefect & unconditional day for Team Vernon J.

I have an interview for a part-time job at an international brand that is close to my house. The interview is in Papillion. Do you need any more clues?

I hope you have a great day LIKE ME!



On the day after an election (yes that’s today for #Nebraska). We look back, especially someone like me who has ran, is involved, and has helped campaigns in the past.

The people (the candidate, spouse, friends, & family) who decided to ask for our support put lots of effort into getting their message out.

On election day the voters decided if that message is for them & votes.

Sometimes it is a clear choice, other times it isn’t as clear.

But today is the day we come back together and say, we’re okay.

I am glad to have helped and supported Gwenn Aspen for Legislature, Brian Buescher for Nebraska Attorney General, Merv Riepe for Legislature, Lee Terry in their efforts to represent the people of Nebraska.

Today I join with Pete Ricketts for Governor & Ben Sasse in their efforts for election.

See you on the trail in August.