As we embark on

As we embark on this journey of work.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

The journey was MORE than half over at the moment I punched in.

Today is Wednesday 05/07/V3.4 & it is just 22 days until #0529.

You know what that means.

Yesterday was a fantastic day. I did two new things, I meet two new people. I saw a guy violating OSHA violations.

The word of the day is wanderlust which is a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

I do have wanderlust. 3/5ths of the persons on the bocce ball team are than a state away. We scored four points, the other team scored 16 & won. It is going to be a fun event, I’m excited to continue. Next week Saint’s Pub + Patio is the host.

I also went to Chicago Dawg House.

Have a good day.