Yogurt in b or p; saladid dressing in r or g

Good Morning & Happy Saturday!image

The Yogurt has the blue top & is in the plastic bowl. The Saladid Dressing has the red top & in the glass bowl

Today is Saturday 06/01/V3.3 & we are iX days away from my Birthday. Isn’t this exciting?

So we start our work week today, we only have IV days of it. I just found out (not surprising though) that I’m going to be on Omaha Morning Blend on Tuesday. IF you don’t already watch the BEST morning show IN AMERICA! Here’s another reason for you to watch. It is on at 09.00 LIVE on KMTV Action 3 News, it also repeats at 12.00 on LIve Well Network, channel 3.1 SET your DVR, PVR’s, take a break and watch me live. Here’s last year appearance – The Day’s Best Photo – Thursday – Omaha Morning Blend. I anticipate a similar outcome in this years event.

I had a good & busy day yesterday, I even got a nap in. Less than XXX mins, cause I started when Jeopardy was on. I then got up and made a delicious dinner.

So I don’t what you are doing today, but give me a call for sure. Leave a Voicemail if I don’t answer.

The word of the day is ken which is knowledge, understanding, or cognizance; mental perception.

Make it a GREAT day & do what makes you feel good (that’s also legal in MOST states).