Time of YOUR life

Good Afternoon & Happy Saturday,

The time of my life was late today,

Today is Sturday 06/08/V3.3 & we are JUST 1 DAY away from Vernon J’s Birthday!!!

I didn’t set my alarm for today, so I got up late. So my post-bedtime didn’t start like I wanted it to. I’ve also made my bed today.

It’ll probably be unmade when I go in for my nap

I had the pleasure of waling with Shane Osborn for Senate in the Elkhorn Days Parade. The pictures will be up on Photographs by Vernon J | Photographs by Vernon J

Feel free to view all my old pictures, I’ll put them up after I take a nap, before I go volunteer at the Polish Fest & start the Celebration of me. IF I don’t they will be up tomorrow, unless my intern comes. oh wait, I don’t have an intern. Do you want to be my intern, it pays nothing. You’ll get University of Awesome Credits. Like 25% of your degree in 6 months or less.

The word of the day is trousseau which is an outfit of clothing, household, linen, etc. for a bride.

I don’t really have much else to share with you, but today you must behave yourself. It is my Birthday Eve.

I get to do what I want & I want YOU to behave.