The Celebration is Here

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

The long awaited 35th Annual Celebration of Vernon J presented by Vernon J is here.

Today is Friday 06/07/V3.3 and we are II Days Away from Vernon J’s Birthday.

Here is the Schedule of Events for the Celebration.

  • Friday (Santa Lucia Festival & Downtown Area)
  • 19.30 The 4th Annual Santa Lucia Festival Cannoli Eating Contest
  • 20.00 Groove Puppet Plays
  • 20.01 We start winging it & doing whatever I WANT!
  • Saturday (Polish Fest at Crescent Moon Ale House(
  • 18.00 to 20.00 I’ll be volunteering at the Polish Fest. I finally get to work at Crescent Moon, they just aren’t paying me.
  • 20.00 to 01.59 Partying at Crescent Moon

POST it now!