That was oat water

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

My 1st picture on instagram was a picture of the boiling water for my oats.

Today is Monday 06/03/V3.3 & we are VI Days away from Vernon J’s Birthday!!!

After work today, I’m going to the Omaha Library to gather books that deserve to be read by Vernon J. I’m down to the last few pages of The Retaliation. I can’t have my nook on the floor, so I will get 2 to 3 books.

Of course It isn’t a shame that a sport team loses, that is the basis of an athletic competition. Someone wins, someone loses.

Excuse me.

The word of the day isĀ automationĀ which is a mechanical figure or contrivace constructed to act by its own power.

So I watched Godzilla last night, they had a chance to make a second movie. They haven’t done that yet. Just cause they put a teaser at a movie doesn’t guarantee that they will make a sequel. I had never seen it before, or I don’t remember how great it ended. According to wikipedia there is currently a sequel in the making. Scheduled to be released on Friday 05/16/V3.4!!

How many bars do you have installed on your browser? I have 0 bars, cause that is how much it takes your internet to work. You don’t really need 3 to 7 search bars. Uninstall those bars, or unclick that bar when they ask you to install. It’ll be okay, you don’t HAVE to install it.

The Morning Blend returns today after a long hiatus off the air, okay it was a totally normal hiatus. They don’t do a Saturday or Sunday Show.

Possibly more later.

Enjoy your Turkey.