It ain’t summer, but

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!!!

It ain’t summer, summer solstice isn’t until Friday 06/21/V3.3.

Today is Thursday 06/06/V3.3 & we are JUST III Days away from Vernon J’s Birthday!!!

This day is normally my day off, but I’m working 10.30 to 17.30 today. You know I had to go be on TeeVee, so I switched my working days.

Speaking of work, it may be a 4-letter word. BUT it is part of our life & if it isn’t then do I have a job for you.We have this leader board at work. & in my 3rd week on the job I’m in 3 out of 4 categories.  This means only 1 thing, I work hard for First Data.

So after work, I’ll be done until Monday. YOU know there is kinda big celebration this weekend. Gotta take care of business like a boss. If I was ‘one of those people’ I would celebrate how I had a 3 day weekend. BUT since I HAVE A 3 DAY WEEKEND, every weekend, I don’t need to say that.

The word of the day is trachle which is an exhausting effort, especially walking or working.

Well since I’ve sat here for the last 5 mins or so, I think I’m done for nwo.

Breakfast, Shower, Make my Bed, go to work.