Cookies, Laughs, Ice Cream & 10 bucks & 50 cents

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

Yesterday (post Omaha Morning Blend was also great).

Today is Wednesday 06/05/V3.3 & we are IV days away from Vernon J’s Birthday.

Crescent Moon was a LONG time yesterday, but they were OUT of cookies. <that’s totally Negative Nancing. BUT wait.

We had good laughs about that, cause I got up and went to go to Cold Stone Ice Cream & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Unnamed Person Number VIII you should’ve stayed. Anyways I get up and knock over the straw, and Danielle said ‘You’re that upset’. No comment & I didn’t ask for forgiveness, but it was given.

I also had a Silver Streak Martini, it cost $10.50. No I’m not a big spender, I’ll take my water with lemon. That’s what we’ll be enjoying the rest of the night.

The word of the day is hadal which is pertaining to the greatest ocean depths.

So today we are working 11 hours, going to work from 06.30 to 15.00 then 17.00 to 20.00. I imagine that a moment of ‘hard work’ will not be done. BUT hey that’s what I signed up for.

Did you know that the Department of Justice is on facebook, now I have to ask myself. WHY? I bet they are on twitter too.

BTW I’ll be volunteering at Crescent Moon Alehouse from 18.00 to 20.00 at the Polish Fest. BUT I still don’t work there.

No rain in the metro area & the sun is set to come up at 05.51.

Well it is 05.16, that means it is time to take care of non-internet business.

Make it a GREAT day!!!