7 Tage Vernon J Geburtstag!

Guten Morgen & Happy Sunday!

That is a little German for you, because Vernon is a German name. See I’m part German, the first part.

Today is Sunday 06/02/V3.3 & we are now just VII days away from Vernon J’s Birthday. How awesome is it that we are so close?

The plan for today is simple, go to work. Any other questions?

That was a rhetorical questions, there is only 1 right answer. That answer is a resounding YES!!!

After work I came home, took a nap/watched Star Wars V. Helped my neighbor with her economics final. I then went out to a BBQ joint & Crescent Moon. NO Crescent Moon isn’t open on Sunday. Even though I was away it was Saturday!

I then went to bed & now I’m up and at em again.

I had to make some changes to my schedule, so let’s get a quick rundown. today & Monday I work my regular shift. Tuesday I’m off, Wednesday I work my regular shift & my shift at Benson Community center. I have to work on Thursday from 10.30 to 17.30 due to me taking Tuesday off. I then don’t work again until Monday. Did I tell you why I have Tuesday off?

All I can say is that you should be watching Omaha Morning Blend this week. EVERYDAY because if you can dodge a ball, you can watch this show. Speaking of that I need to record a certain show.

The word of the day isĀ lunker which is something unusually large for its kind. Does that make me, my hands, my legs lunker? I’m only 147.4 CM’s in height though.

I gave one of my fellow Gemini’s a Birthday Present yesterday. We also had Cum in a Hot Tub. No we didn’t officially go in the time machine.

The Birthday presents are rolling in electronic. I got an e-mail from Coldstone Creamery and Godfather’s Pizza. Coldstone gave the best offer BOGO Free, so I’ll take advantage of that offer.

What are you doing today?