Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Fresh Bananas, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Blueberries & Orange Pineapple Juice.

Today is Friday 05/31/V3.3 & we are 10 days away from Vernon J’s Birthday!!!

So I made a smoothie this morning & it is delicious. I decided that is an easy & tasteful way to get my fruit. 5 a day to stay at bay.

So the Taco Ride was amazing last night, you can see some photos here. Okay the 2nd one IS NOT from the Taco Ride. It is from a school that I was walking by earlier in the day.

Today we need to go get some more pants, see as I split the other one right up the butt.

Did you see what I’m having for dinner, well you don’t follow me on twitter.

Okay, I’m back. You didn’t know I left, but for about XXXI mins I was not writing. I had to write a couple birthday cards. That is what this blog about. NO I didn’t give myself any birthday cards.

The word of the day is de profundis which is out of the depths (of sorrow, despair, etc.).

So lets see what I have planned for the rest of the day.

  • Lube Chain,
  • Go to the CC & pick up my water bottle, visit Paula,
  • Go to The Salvation Army and get my jacket name tag
  • Go get PANTS!
  • Go get/return my books
  • Come home!!

That’s not that much to do. Anything after 3 hrs from now, cause that is how long I anticipate these ventures will take.

Now go do stuff outside, like me!!!

p.s. Don’t forget your Sunblock