Cancelled, but …

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

If you follow Vernon J on twitter. You’ll know that he cancelled this mornings 32+ KM ride due to the weather.

Today is Monday 05/27/V3.3 & we are XIII days away from Vernon J’s Birthday. Isn’t that exciting.

He has Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday OFF. So if you send hmm anything, you can send it to his home address. 422 N. 40th St. Omaha, NE 68131 402-516-4401 is the number the non US Postal Service members can call to get access to the Birthday Man.

Although the bike ride was cancelled, the memorial service will not be cancelled. Vernon J will be at Memorial Park when 11.00 rolls around. Rain, NO Rain, he’ll be there to show the extra respect to the people who have made their last wake-up call.

Thanks for serving our country and making the ultimate sacrifice. That allows me to be free to have a month long Birthday Celebration.

After the something about something, I forgot what I was going to put the service I don’t know what I’ll be doing. I know that it will involve a book & that I’ll be reading it.

Yesterday I finished reading Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs. It was Book II of the Medusa Girls, there will & must be a part III. I don’t know if she started out with it that way, but that is how it is. YOU know she is on twitter @TeraLynnChilds & that she did tweet me. It’s kinda great. It didn’t make my favorite list, but you know how that it. I probably RT it, so it is on my Twitter Archive. I probably should find that & favorite, so I never lose it.

Visit Tera on the web at Tera Lynn Childs | award-winning author of Oh. My. Gods. and Forgive My Fins. See how she has a website, where you can go visit here. No need to register to interact with her.

The word of the day is mordacious which is sharp or caustic in style, tone, etc.

Well Vernon J hope you have a GREAT day!!!

The 22nd Annual Celebration of Vernon J was had in MM. The Y2K bug wasn’t anything to worry about.

Cost Of Living 2000

How Much things cost in 2000 Average Cost of new house $134,150.00
Average Income per year $40,343.00
Average Monthly Rent $675.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.26
Average cost of new car $24,750.00
US Postage Stamp 33 cents
1 LB of Bacon $2.97
Ground Coffee per IB $3.44
Loaf of Bread $1.72
Dozen Eggs 89 cents
Barrel Of Oil Tops $30.00 per barrel

Here are some pictures from 05/20/2000. This was back when camera’s had filmed. I worked at Russ’ in Kalamazoo. I was going away for the summer to work at Cedar Point. NEVER to live in Kalamazoo again.