People Business

“I come here because of him,” he said of Musa. “He greets everyone with a smile, and this feels like an American success story. Corporate pushed him out, so he went right across the street and opened his own shop. What’s not to love?”

I know selling dounts & coffee is easy, but I’m in the people business.


Hello/Dear Brittany Ruiz, Carol Soto, & Brett Campos

I’m not saying you sent me spam, but this picture is work several words.

476 words, & 2,754 characters to be precise.

5 Times

Not a good sweeping & mopping experience.

I  had to contact a police department 5 friggen times, so I could sweep & mop.

The Life of Times of a boom, dustpan, & mop.

Call Them (Hey the isn’t opening with my card), some blaighty about how the permissions isn’t correct.) That’s why I’m calling.

They call me back & reiterate the same thing, can you send a police officer over to let me in. Some blaighty blaighty about no they can’t.

Walk over to the police department to explain, I understand it is broken. BUT I need to do some stuff. Some blaighty blaighty

Call a University Employee, he calls the police department – Some blaighty blaighty

Said University Employee calls back & says they are sending an officer over.

You could’ve done that 1/2 hour ago.